8 Best Pernod Substitutes For Cooking You Must Try

There are many substitutes for Pernod on the market. There can be substitutions for Pernod in cooking. The substitute used will change depending on the dish being cooked. White wine might be the substitution for Pernod in cooking. This is because wine and liqueurs often have similar tastes, making it easy to use as a substitute for Pernod.

If you’re looking for a Pernod substitute for a recipe that calls for both a red and white wine, then you can use one type of wine in place of the other. You can also use this if you only have one type of wine on hand.

Keep reading for more great tips on finding substitutes for Pernod.

What is Pernod?

Pernod is made from grape alcohol, water, and other ingredients, which are added to make the licorice flavor. These ingredients may include star anise, sweet or raw sugar, caramelized sugar or glucose syrup, calamus root (a type of plant), dried orange peel. Pernod is typically bottled at 40% alcohol content by volume.

In cooking, Pernod adds an unfamiliar yet intriguing taste that enhances a recipe’s flavor. One way to use Pernod in cooking would be to substitute it for cassis in a Black Forest cake recipe. With this substitution, you will be able to make an authentic Black Forest cake recipe using Pernod and with the same taste, texture, and appearance that one would expect when making an authentic Black Forest cake.

Another thing you can do is use Pernod in a recipe that calls for brandy or other spirits. Pernod does have some similarities to other types of alcohol, like brandy. The main difference between them is that Pernod does not contain sugar and caramelized sugar does not exist at all in Pernod. Also, Pernod has a licorice flavor that gives it a unique taste. Other recipes that call for brandy or other spirits can be made using Pernod instead of brandy or other spirits. This will allow you to substitute the sugar content in alcoholic drinks with the less sugary taste of Pernod.

Pernod is also used as an ingredient for some dishes. Examples are desserts like panna cotta and rice pudding, as well as sauces such as Hollandaise sauce and Roquefort sauce. In these types of recipes, Pernod is used as a substitute for other ingredients that have a similar licorice-like taste like anise or fennel.

Pernod can also be used in a recipe as a substitute for another type of alcohol, like brandy. Pernod is known for its unique licorice flavor. The origin of this drink came from France. The alcohol content is high, ranging from 40% to 50% (alcohol by volume). The Pernod grape comes from a particular type of tree that is grown in France. The roots of the tree contain essential oils, like anise or eucalyptus. These essential oils are the main ingredients in traditional licorice.

The Best Substitutes for Pernod

If you would like to substitute a Pernod ingredient in an old favorite recipe, consider using one of these alternatives:

#1 White Wine

White Wine

The combination of white wine and Pernod may be an acquired taste. But the use of white wine can add the same flavor to your dishes and make them taste delicious as well. White wine does not only enhance the flavor, but it can also contribute towards good health. Using a dry wines is recommended as they are lighter than red wines.

Partner your starter and entrees with some dry white wines like sauvignon blancs, chardonnays, pinot grigios or any other you prefer.
You can also use white wine in place of Pernod to give your dishes an additional flavor.

#2 Ouzo


Ouzo is an anise-flavored liqueur that is commonly used in Greek cuisine. It has a strong, licorice taste and is 80-86 proof (40-44 percent alcohol). It may be a good idea to try out ouzo with seafood dishes. You can also try adding ouzo to bake some marinades as well as fish soups.

Ouzos come with different flavors and can be bought at liquor stores or on the internet. It is advisable to taste at least a few of the bottles before you decide which flavors you like the most.

In some recipes, ouzo is used as a substitute for Pernod as it has an aniseed flavor and smell. In other recipes, ouzo is used with lemon juice or other aromatic ingredients. Therefore, you may want to experiment with various combinations until you find the one that suits your dish best.

#3 Pastis


Pastis is a French liqueur invented in the 19th century by Louis-Alexandre Ménard, who was the owner of a popular Paris café named La Maison Pernod.

Pastis is made from a flavoured base liquor (usually grape based) that is typically flavoured with anise and fennel. It’s these two ingredients that give pastis its characteristically licorice flavour which makes it a good one to one substitute for Pernod.

Pastis can easily be used as an alternative for Pernod in any dish that requires it, especially for soups and sauces. As pastis is an alcohol based liqueur it can also be used in cooking as a replacement for alcohol.

As a liqueur, pastis doesn’t contain as much alcohol as absinthe or ouzo. As such it can be used in cooking more freely than other alcohols.

#4 Absinthe


Absinthe is a clear liquor made from alcohol and herbs that may have traces of thujone or wormwood. It is commonly used in French cuisine and comes in different flavors such as green (without color), apricot, orange or white (natural color). It is 131 proof (64 percent alcohol).

Owing to its strong taste, many people consider it a poor substitute for Pernod in cooking. But some people still use it as an alternative choice. Many chefs prefer using absinthe as they think it gives their dishes a more complex and interesting aroma.

Absinthe can be used in place of Pernod to prepare sauces, marinades or even drinks. You can try adding absinthe when you cook seafood recipes or any dish that requires the same flavor. You may need to experiment with the required amount before you get the exact taste you want for your dishes.

#5 Sambuca


Sambuca is a liqueur made from wine and sugar. It has 60-82 proof (36-42 percent alcohol). As it is similar to Pernod, sambuca can be used as a substitute for Pernod in some of your dishes. The most popular variants are the green (without color) and lemon flavors.
Although sambuca is an excellent substitute for Pernod, you need to choose the right flavor for your dish. For example, you may also want to use sambuca as a marinade or sauce in lieu of Pernod’s marinade or sauce.

#6 Whiskey


Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink that can be made from barley, corn, rye or wheat. The use of whiskey in cooking is not common. But you can use whiskey when you cook seafood dishes or meat dishes that require its typical taste. You may also want to try out some recipes that require whiskey as an ingredient as well.

You need to blend whiskey with other ingredients before using it for cooking. For example, you may blend some ordinary vodka with whiskey for a delicious vodka-based drink. You can also try blending whiskey with soy sauce and sake for a Japanese themed drink. Some chefs also prefer blending the old-fashioned whiskey with Pernod which gives it the same taste and smell.

Whiskey can also be used in place of Pernod in cooking some dishes. For example, you may replace Pernod with whiskey when you cook sauces or marinades. Whiskey is good for preparing some seafood or meat dishes that require a strong flavor.

Your local liquor store will have a wide range of whiskeys that you can use to substitute the taste and smell of Pernod in your meals. As there are many types of whiskey available around the world, you need to conduct some research on which one to buy for your dish.

#7 Vodka


Vodka (even better if it is distilled) is a great substitute for Pernod to be used in seafood dishes. Adding vodka to white wine and sherry greatly enhances the taste of seafood dishes.

Vodka is cheap and widely available at supermarkets, liquor stores, and bars. Most Russians will never even think of serving a dish without vodka. Regular vodka has 40% alcohol content while 80-proof vodka has a higher percentage of alcohol.

#8 Anisette


Anisette is another widely used substitute for Pernod among French people, especially in the south of France. Anisette has anise flavor which makes it delicious when mixed with fish or seafood dishes.

Sherry is another popular ingredient for this drink, so if you want to give your dish an authentic flavour, add some sherry to your anisette. Anisette is one of the few liquors that can be stored at room temperature. The best option is to store it tightly closed and in a dry place with good ventilation.

You can buy anisette in bottles or cans and usually have a 125 ml bottle that costs around $2-3 per bottle.


Whether you are a whiskey lover or a Pernod lover, we hope that now you would know which alcohol to use for your dishes. If there is anyone who missed out on our article about Pernod substitutes, please let us know in the comments section below.

You can also try out some other alternatives to Pernod that we have not mentioned in this article but are similar to the one we wrote about. Let us know what substitutes you have used and liked the most in your cooking so that other people could have an option as well.

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