Can You Microwave Solo Cups?

Can you microwave Solo cups? The Solo cup is a type of disposable cup made of styrene plastic. It can either be branded as the Solo® brand marketed by Dart Container Corporation or used generically. Although they do have many uses, a common belief is that you can microwave solo cups to seal them shut. However, a question has been raised asking if this really is true.

Benefits Of Solo Cups


If you are a fan of the environment, then Solo cups are probably your best friend. The plastic is sturdy enough to be reused, which means you can use it for years instead of throwing it away after a single-use. Unlike paper cups that become soggy and unusable if you leave them out in the rain, plastic cups do not break or become soggy. They are also easy to clean, meaning that you can reuse them for many years.


Solo paper cups are great for serving both hot and cold beverages. The sturdy construction of these cups makes them ideal for coffee or tea, as well as thick shakes or smoothies. These cups are perfect for events like parties or picnics where you need to offer a variety of beverages to your guests. There’s no need to buy different types of cups when Solo offers a versatile option in disposable drinkware.

Perfect Size

The Solo cup comes in different sizes. The most commonly used is the red cup which comes in a size of 16 ounces or 473 milliliters. The size is perfect for most beverages.

This means that you don’t have to use multiple cups for one drink like you would with paper cups. It also means that you don’t have to use a large cup for a small beverage.

No Spills

Using a Solo cup is almost guaranteed not to cause any spills. While there are always exceptions, for the most part, these cups do an excellent job of holding beverages without spilling them. The design makes it easy to hold the cup at almost any angle without fear that your beverage will spill out on you. This allows you to enjoy your drink without worrying about where you place your cup.

Easy Cleanup

Because Solo cups are disposable, they eliminate the need for washing up after each use. This is particularly important in outdoor situations where running water may not be available or when an event is held in a place without designated dishwashing facilities, such as a park or beach..


Solo cups are very cost-effective when compared with other disposable cups on the market. They hold 20 ounces of liquid and cost between 25 cents and $1 each, depending on where you buy them. They also come in bulk packages of 50 or more so that you can purchase only what you need for your event.

Can You Microwave Solo Cups?

People have been using the iconic red solo cups for beer pong and other parties for decades, but can you microwave them?

Well, yes and no.

What Can Happen If Solo Cups Are Microwaved?

The cup may get damaged.

What can happen if solo cups are microwaved

While the cup might look fine when you take it out of the microwave, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been damaged. The heat from the cup could melt part of the plastic, making it unsafe to drink from. In fact, this could also pose a choking hazard for kids who may want to drink from the cup after it has cooled down.

It might also ruin your microwave.

But if the water is boiling and bubbles up in the microwave and hits the glass tray that holds food above the magnetron tube (which generates heat), it can cause what’s called “arcing,” a phenomenon in which an electrical current flows through a gas or plasma rather than through a solid conductor. Arcing can damage your microwave permanently and is a reason why you should never run a microwave empty.

Your food may be contaminated.

Even if you avoid fire, there is a good chance that chemicals from the plastic will get into your food. Of course, these chemicals aren’t going to be as harmful as a fire in your kitchen, but they can cause some serious health problems. The most common chemical found in plastics is bisphenol A (BPA). This chemical has been linked to cancer and disrupted the development of hormone receptors in young children.


If you microwave a plastic cup for too long, it will catch on fire. If you have ever put a metal fork in the microwave, then you know what this looks like. Putting a plastic cup with water in it for an extended period of time could lead to a house fire if you are not careful.


Some plastics contain materials that can explode when heated. These are an explosion hazard in a microwave oven because they may fragment into pieces with high kinetic energy.

What Types Of Solo Cups Are Microwave Safe?

Solo cups are disposable drink cups made from various types of plastic and Styrofoam. The two styles of Solo cups available for microwave use are Solo’s Red Party Cups and the company’s Clear Plastic Cups.

The Red Party Cup

It is a plastic cup with a foam bottom. It is microwave safe, according to Solo’s website. The cup can withstand temperatures up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit before starting to deform, and it will melt when heated past its melting point of 248 F.

The Clear Plastic Cup

This is also a plastic cup with a foam bottom and is also microwave safe, according to Solo’s website. The cup can withstand temperatures up to 170 F before deforming, and it will melt when heated past its melting point of 248 F

What Can Be Used To Microwave Your Hot Drink Instead Of Solo Cups?

Ceramic and glass cups.

Most ceramic and glass cups are microwave safe. These include ceramic mugs and small cups, bottles, and jars. These can be heated without fear of harmful effects because they have been made with heat-resistant materials.

Porcelain mugs.

If you want to microwave your drink in a glass, use tempered glass mugs or tumblers that are specifically made for microwaving purposes. These items can be found in many stores that specialize in kitchen items, such as Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Glass tumblers are also available at online stores like Amazon. They tend to hold more than ceramic cups, so they are ideal if you need a larger beverage quickly in the morning before heading out the door for work or school.

Pyrex containers.

Pyrex containers are great for microwaving hot drinks because they’re glass, which is microwave safe. Glass does not heat up as quickly as metal or plastic, so it is also safer to handle if your drink has been microwaved. Pyrex is a brand of glass products, but there are other brands that make similar containers that can be used in the microwave.

Dishware you already own.

Most dishware you already own can be used in the microwave. If you’ve been buying plates and bowls at stores like Walmart or IKEA, chances are those items are microwave safe and can be used to heat your drinks. If you’re not sure if a plate or bowl is microwave safe, check the bottom for a symbol that indicates it’s safe to use in the microwave. Just make sure the items don’t have any metal on them since metal reflects microwaves and can cause dangerous sparks.

Travel coffee mugs.

If you need to heat up your drink while on the go, consider using a travel coffee mug with a lid and handle. There are plenty of plastic and ceramic travel mugs available for purchase (check out this list on Amazon).


In conclusion, can you microwave Solo cups?

That depends on a few things: what type of Solo cup, the microwave power, and how long you microwave it for.

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