Calabrian Chili Powder: 2 Most Popular Brands

Calabrian chili powder is made from Calabrian chilies that are dried, ground, and then blended with salt and other spices to ensure that the flavor is consistent from batch to batch.

You can use Calabrian chili powder in your favorite Italian recipes at home, like spaghetti sauce or pizza toppings!

What are Calabrian Chilies?

Calabrian chilis originated in Calabria, which is located in the southern part of Italy. Like many other Italian foods, these peppers have been grown for centuries by local farmers, who would sell them at local markets or give them away as gifts to friends and family members during special occasions.

Such as weddings or holidays such as Christmas time when people would gather together around open fires inside their homes, drinking wine while eating traditional foods like stuffed turkey with chestnuts and potatoes baked under the ashes on top off an open fire outside, where all these ingredients were cooked together over several hours until done cooking at which point everyone gathered around the table together eating slowly from one plate filled with delicious food that smelled good too!

What is Calabrian Chili Powder Used For?

Calabrian chili powder is a spicy, mineral-rich spice that is often used to add a kick of heat to dishes. It’s made from dried red peppers and has a bright, fruity flavor with earthy undertones.

Calabrian chili powder is most commonly used in Italian cooking, as it’s produced in Calabria, Italy. It’s also sometimes called Sicilian or Calabrian red pepper powder, depending on where it was made.

You can use Calabrian chili powder to add spice and heat to soups, sauces, and stews. You can also sprinkle it on meat and vegetable dishes before serving them for added flavor and heat.

Calabrian chili powder pairs well with tomatoes and tomato sauces. It also works well as part of a marinade for meats like chicken or beef before they are grilled or roasted at high temperatures in an oven set at 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius).

Best Calabrian Chili Powder Brands

1. TuttoCalabria, Calabrian Hot Chili Powder

TuttoCalabria Calabrian Hot Chili Powder

TuttoCalabria Calabrian Hot Chili Powder is a must-have for anyone who loves Italian food. In fact, it’s one of the most popular products from our collection!

Made from long peppers, this Calabrian chili powder is a regional specialty most recognized for its association with the lucky cornicello. The product adds a genuine Italian flavor to your favorite sauces and meat sandwiches. In addition, don’t overlook the antipasto! Try slicing it and adding it to a chili or stew, or putting it on top of a pizza with anchovies. You can do anything with this!

The Tutto Calabria family has been making wholesome Calabrian specialties since 1970, so they know what goes into making quality products like this one. That’s why they’re proud to offer it in a variety of packaging sizes for our customer choosing. And if you’re not sure which size will suit your needs best? The customer service team is happy to help you make that choice!

2. Spicewalla Calabrian Chilli Powder

Spicewalla Calabrian Chilli Powder

Spicewalla Calabrian Chilli Powder is the perfect way to add some spice to your dishes, whether you’re making pizza or pasta, soup or stew, garlic bread or just want to add a little color and flavor to your life.

These ruby red flakes are fruity and spicy, but they’ll dazzle your taste buds in the best way possible! Spice up your favorite dishes with an additional kick by infusing olive oil with these chilies. Quickly, you’ll be saying things like “pass the bolognese!” while using your hands to express yourself.


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